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Noemi Kozikowska





Noemi Kozikowska is an artist working and living in Vancouver. Born in Poland, in 1983, she has been in Canada since 1993. Since early childhood she has focused her time and energy on art creation and on developing various skills pertaining to this practice. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Simon Fraser University, majoring in both Fine Arts and Humanities.  For the past decade she has engaged her personal art practice with various decorative art practices.  During this time, she has had the privelage of trainig and working along side some of the best specialty finishers and innovative finish designers; learning and mastering various finishing practices, some of which are almost obsolete in our contemporary technology-oriented socio-cultural context. Kozikowska's personal artistic practice revolves around exploring colour and texture through the lens of psychic undertows and chimerical realms  which underly and influence everyday existance. However, as a professional fine and decorative artist, she thrives on opportunities to explore new styles and synchronize her abilities with the needs of her clients.








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